Hatfield-McCoy Trails mapping a new Pocahontas trail system!

We brought you the bad news this week that the Pocahontas trail system will be temporarily closing December 3rd for mining. Since then, we’ve seen Hatfield-McCoy Trails crews near Four Wheeler Heaven mapping a new trail system on our side of the mountain, which will hopefully connect to the Warrior trail system!

A newspaper article today says crews are hoping to make a new system of trails to take over for the soon-to-be-closed portion of the Pocahontas trail system that will be 60-100 miles long. The article also says the goal is for these new trails to connect to the Warrior Trail System, the newest system in the Hatfield-McCoy Trails! That means by sometime next year, we anticipate that our guests will have access via marked trails to the Warrior trail system right from Four Wheeler Heaven!

We are still waiting to hear more details on the closure, and details are still a little sketchy, but here’s what we know so far: the current Pocahontas trails will close as of December 3. We are still unsure about the fate of the Pocahontas – Indian Ridge connector, since it follows a public road (Windmill Gap Road).

We are told that state officials are getting involved, and that Hatfield-McCoy Trails will be coming out with some more information in the coming week or so, so we hope to have more information soon! No matter what, we hope to have a recommendation for our guests for access to the Indian Ridge and Pinnacle Creek systems. No matter what, our guests will have access to the Spearhead Trails’ Original Pocahontas system, which is just 4 miles across the mountain from us and directly accessible from Four Wheeler Heaven by ATV!

Our hope is that by the time the mining operation is over, the old trails will open back up again, along with the new trails, and our guests will have access to more Hatfield-McCoy Trails than ever before!

As always, our guests and potential customers are welcome to contact us via telephone at 855-5-TRAILS or by email at info (at) fourwheelerheaven (dot) com with any questions about the upcoming trail changes, our accommodations, or to book over the phone!

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