Spearhead – Hatfield McCoy connector announced, Pocahontas trails update!

Riders have always been able to get between the Spearhead Trails and Hatfield McCoy Trails by going over Coaldale Mountain behind Four Wheeler Heaven, but now there will be official trail connections between the two systems that will give riders easy ways to get between the two systems!

The news was announced last week that there will be three connections between the Spearhead Trails’ Original Pocahontas trail – which consists of 90 miles of trails in Virginia — and the Hatfield-McCoy Trails’ Pocahontas trail system, which along with Indian Ridge and Pinnacle Creek make up hundreds of miles of trails in West Virginia. These connectors are expected to be ready in the next 90 days, so we are hopeful that these connectors will be open and ready by the time spring riding season heats up!

Last week’s news article also noted that negotiations are still underway with a mining company to possibly keep part of the Pocahontas trail system open beyond the current January 14 closure date! The Pocahontas trail system was originally planned to close in December for mining, but that closure date was extended as county officials continue to work toward a compromise. We have heard that the best way we can keep the trails open is by NOT riding onto areas where active mining is going on… so if you’re up here riding, please heed any signs that say “no trespassing” or “not a trail,” and enjoy the many miles of other trails we have available to us! We are hopeful that we will have more good news to share about the Pocahontas trail system over the next several weeks!

Finally, the article said that money is in place to connect the Original Pocahontas trail with trails in the Richlands area! That would bring the Spearhead Trails’ footprint in Tazewell County, Virginia up to 200 miles, and all of those trails will be directly accessible from Four Wheeler Heaven!

It’s already shaping up to be an exciting year in 2019. Don’t wait — make your reservations at Four Wheeler Heaven today! Take advantage of our discounted winter rates, or book your spring, summer or fall 2019 trip early to secure the best dates!

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